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The sound that Syliphone promoted was an astonishing, elegant blend, embracing old Guinean folk music as well as newly heard Cuban music (by way of the Congo) and American jazz bands, all under the banner of "authenticité". In an ideal world, proponents of small government and shuttered arts programs might hear the twinkling, beguiling music rendered by Guinea bands like Bembeya Jazz National, Jardin De Guinée, Balla et Ses Balladins and be charmed into state sponsorship of the arts so as to "Make ( insert country ) Great Again." By 1976, Guinea was in turmoil, with a failed assassination plot on Sékou Touré, and detention of political dissenters. Some of the strongest music from Syliphone predates this struggle, but that's part of what makes  Musique Sans Paroles  (translation: Music Without Words), released that same year, such a jewel: Amid increasing unrest,  Sans Paroles  serves as an oasis.

Various - Musique CompacteVarious - Musique CompacteVarious - Musique Compacte