Ambra - dream the summer back

Profumum Roma is based in Rome, and was founded by four siblings; Giuseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice Durante in 1996. Their story is one that builds on family strength and character; they are clearly mindful of what has come before them. Shortly after World War II their father Celestino moved the family to Rome, and began to make “shaving soap, hair lotions and some cologne.” This allegiance to the past has allowed them to create a solid and enduring line of fragrances, 30 perfumes and counting.

.A book so exhilarating, it could be compared to actual sky diving, this book had realistic characters, exciting plot and an interesting setting. Hope is a great protagonist whose perspective is often the same as the reader’s perspective on things. I like this because it makes the entire story seem possible. The content and vocabulary render the book friendly to all listeners, and the plot holds readers tight and does not let go till the end of the story. I gave it five stars for an immersive experience that included humor and action in a child-friendly manner.

AmbrA - Dream The Summer BackAmbrA - Dream The Summer BackAmbrA - Dream The Summer BackAmbrA - Dream The Summer Back